Let's have fun and make money along the way.

Call it whatever you want: “bootstrapped company”, “solopreneur”, “micro-SaaS”… That’s just not my “startup”. I don’t care about infinite growth. That’s more my “business”, meaning I own my – and my family’s – future, in both lifestyle and financial aspects.

I’m investing in myself, using my savings to finance my experiments. Hopefully this will lead to a sustainable activity.

I like the trend of “openness” from companies like Baremetrics, Buffer or Convertkit. Their transparency, even if it might be calculated, is a real bonus when it comes to learning to create a business. It’s like injecting past experiences in your brain, and using them as a base of comparison with what’s actually happening.

So I plan to be as transparent as I can, in the event that starting or aspiring solopreneurs can find my own journey useful.

As XKCD sums it up: FUCK. THAT. SHIT.