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I have a new project. It's called 'Til You Make It.

It’s a journal where I’ll document my journey while creating a sustainable, online business. Not a consulting, not a freelancer shop. I want to make products.

A ton of other smart folks are already sharing their respective journeys. A metric ton. For example, I love to follow people like Josh Pigford (Baremetrics) or Nathan Barry (ConvertKit). They’re a huge source of inspiration. Even though they now have such growth (involving recruitment, investment, 5-or-6-figures MRR) that I have trouble connecting with my own reality (solo, bootstrap, $0 turnover).

There is also Amy Hoy. And Jason Zook. Or Patrick McKenzie, Peter Levels and Tyler Tringas. And it’s thrilling to see them struggling, and growing, and making it.

But now I’m done seeing. I want to be doing1.

So I’m starting my own, fun, sustainable, online product business, from scratch. I will try things. Share what fails and what works, as a first-time solo entrepreneur.

And if you want to learn with me, then you should join!

Ok, now that I publicly expressed the above, I feel like I’m at the end of the diving board, totally naked, and everyone else just staring at me, waiting for my miserable failure at doing a somewhat good dive in the water. Even though I know no-one gives a fuck, it scares me. A bit.

But that’s the whole point, and even if I’m going to make a big belly flop, I will try again, test new dives, design new bathing suits; making stuff out as I’m going through, and share the whole journey, until I make it.

  1. Also need inspiration? See Paul Jarvis’ article on TNW, “Stop Consuming, Start Creating

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